Watching every Browns game at least for me were fun and exciting, there were a lot of close games that were decided by 1 play including 2 games that I went to this year. There has also been quite some talk with Hue Jackson wether or not he has going to keep his head coaching job. Jimmy Haslam has said likely that they will keep his job, the Browns will have to figure out some ways to get better. That will start with having 2 of the top 4 picks of the 2017 NFL Draft and Mayne that could be the start to resolving a franchise that has seemed to be so bad for so long. But for now lets talk about how probably the worst play in NFL history, Deshone Kizer threw a pass to Corey Coleman that was right in his hands with nobody near him, And guess what? it went right through his hands to which everyone thought that pass should have been caught and what people were just so angry at and then the game was over. “These guys do not give up” Hue Jackson said in todays press conference after the game and he also said like he meant it not like he was saying it as a joke. The Browns will sure look to win more games next year as they will keep HC Hue Jackson for 1 more year. At the end of all of this in Hue Jackson’s final press conference he basically just said “We’re just not good enough”. They sure had a lot of battles and will hope to bounce back in the year of 2018.


Hugh Thorp-Co-Founder and president of 216 Sports