Besides the Preseason, NFL Football has been back for about 2 weeks now and The Cleveland Browns might be 0-1 but i’ll tell you their Defense has improved tremendously! Many think that will be the key to wining some games this year. Its Week 2 and the Browns will try to triumph over Baltimore and hopefully win some games. First off, De’Shone Keizer. The rookie QB from Notre Dame threw for 222 yards week 1 against Pittsburgh. He rushed for 17 yards and scored his first NFL touchdown. Secondly, Corey Coleman. The WR had 5 catches for 53 yards and he also scored a touchdown.

The Browns lost 18-21 but played a very hard fought game. Enough with Week 1, lets see whats in store for us against Baltimore. Baltimore’s Joe Flacco threw for 121 yards and he scored 1 of Baltimore’s 2 touchdowns. Flacco is a really god quarterback but what can he do with a whole Defensive Line exploding off the line and pressuring him? Thats not all the Browns have to watch. Baltimore’s RB Terrance West had 19 carries and rushed for 80 yards, giving hime the 2nd touchdown for the Ravens. Now, the Browns as we know, ┬ájust received another RB. Matt Dayes didn’t do much in Week 1, but our old friend Isaiah Crowell who rushed for 33 yards with 17 carries and now has about 2,300 rushing yards in the NFL had an “ok” game.

The key to beating the Ravens is rushing yards for the Browns. Right now, the Browns have about 57 rushing yards per game compared to Baltimore’s 157 rushing yards. Thats a huge difference. Also the Browns have about 237 yards in general per game, and Baltimore has about 268 yards in general per game. That also an be a huge factor in this game. Why? The Browns are capable of throwing the ball well, but when your receivers are always defended closely, who do yo go to? Keizer can throw the ball well but it all comes down to where he is throwing the football. Now, if Cleveland’s receivers found a way to split the defense and manage to create a way for Coleman or NJoku to become open or at least less defended, they would be able to advance to week 3 1-1. The blocking for the running back’s has to improve also. If the browns could average at least 60 rushing yards for their RB’s they would also be 1-1 going into Week 3. Well guys, it’ll be one exciting game. Will the Browns go into Week 3 1-1? Stay Tuned!

Kenny Jordan – Co Founder, Vice President, & Photographer of 216sports