So, there is a lot to talk about in Major League Baseball with just 8 days to go in the regular season with the Postseason beginning on October 3rd and that will feature the AL Wild Card game which will likely be the New York Yankees at home and the Minnesota Twins away. The Yankees had hosted the AL Wild Card game just 2 seasons ago, when they got rocked by Dallas Keuchel in the Houston Astros losing 3-0. But this year tells differences for the Yankees with the bats being a lot better for them and Pitching stepping up with a lot of depth in their rotation that could include a starter of either, Sonny Gray who was an in-season pickup from the Oakland Athletics has been pretty good since he came over to the Yankees, also there could be starter of Severino, Tanaka or Sabathia so it could really come down to who pitches well for the Baby Bombers in the last week of the season.

On the other hand the Twins, the Twins will most likely start Ervin Santana if making the Wild Card game. There is not much to Argue about this, Ervin Santana leads the Twins in every big pitching statistic with a MLB lead-tying 5 complete games with Cleveland Indians ace in Corey Kluber. Well the Twins have had some very important bats step up in replacement of the injured third baseman Miguel Sano who has hit .277, 28 homers and 77 RBI’s before his DL Stint on August 19th which he will most likely not be back for the Twins in the AL Wild card game. Altough they have not played amazing all season, they are in it this year and will most likely not change at this point


The National League which is a much closer race for the Wild Card which has pretty much 1 lock in the Arizona Diamondbacks, there is probably about a 99 percent chance they will host the Wild Card game at Chase Field in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The question is, who will they play in the Wild Card game? There is a much closer race for the NL Wild Card at this point. If the season ended today, it would be Rockies and Diamondbacks but there is the Cardinals (81-72) and the Brewers (82-73) both teams are within 2 games of Colorado with just 7-8 games to go after tonight, so below lets look a little further at the 3 teams that have not clinched the NL wild card but are right in the mix of things.


Colorado Rockies, 83-71 1 1/2 games ahead of the Brewers and the Cardinals, here is there upcoming Schedule and their opponents:

Remaining Schedule

tomorrow @ Padres

Monday-Wenesday vs Marlins

Offday Thursday


This will be a big advantage for the Rockies having their last 6 games at home, all though they will not have the Wild Card game at home, the final 6 games at home will be huge.


St Louis Cardinals, 81-72 1 1/2 games back for the second NL Wild Card spot, here is their upcoming schedule for the remainder of the season

Tomorrow @ Pirates

Monday-Thursday vs Cubs

Friday-Sunday vs Brewers

The Cardinals even have a better way than the team from a mile high because they have their last 7 at home after tomorrow and obviously the NL Wild Card game is in Phoenix.


And last but not least everyone wants to cut out the Brew-Crew (Milwaukee Brewers), 82-73 also 1 1/2 games out of the NL Wild Card race and with that here is their remaining schedule:

Tomorrow vs Cubs

Offday Monday

Tuesday-Thursday vs Reds

Friday-Sunday @ Cardinals

The Brew-Crews final 3 games against their Wild Card Tiebreaker, St. Louis Cardinals which should be a great series next week end.


To look at the rest all of the other postseason teams are locks to make the postseason there 6 berths that have already been clinched those 6 teams include, The Cleveland Indians, The LA Dodgers, The Boston Red Sox, The New York Yankees, The Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros. no seeds have yet to be guaranteed, only the Dodgers will have home field advantage for the NLDS but there is still plenty of baseball to be played for seed changes and moves that could happen late.


This should be a very Interesting race toward the end. We Will see what happens. Is It October Yet?


-Hugh Thorp-Co-Founder and President of 216 Sports