Just today, the 2018 Cleveland Indians was released! Highlights of the Schedule are games of the most recent World Series Champions, Chicago Cubs Opening Day in the Pacific Northwest and September series at home vs Red Sox and the Home Opener will be April 6th vs the Royals at Progressive Field. And with that lets look at their entire 2018 schedule

March-April @Mariners x3


@Angels x3

vs Royals x3

vs Tigers x4

vs Blue Jays x3

@ Twins ( In San Juan Puerto Rico

@ Orioles x4

vs Cubs x2

vs Mariners x4

April-May vs Rangers


vs Rangers x2

@ Yankees x3

@ Brewers x2

vs Royals x3

@ Tigers x3

@ Astros x3

@ Cubs x2

vs Astros x4

vs White Sox x3

@ Twins


@ Twins x2

vs Brewers x2

@ Tigers x3

@ White Sox x4

vs Twins x3

vs White Sox x4

vs Tigers x3

@ Cardinals x3

@ Athletics x2


@ Athletics

@ Royals x3

vs Athletics x3

vs  Reds x3

vs Yankees x4

All Star game @Nationals Park July 17th

@ Rangers x3

vs Pirates x3

@ Tigers x3

@ Twins x2



vs Angels x3

vs Twins x4

@ White Sox x3

@ Reds x3

vs Orioles x3

@ Red Sox x4

@ Royals x4

vs Twins x3

vs Rays


vs Rays x2

vs Royals x3

@Blue Jays x4

@ Rays x3

vs Tigers x3

vs White Sox x3

vs Red Sox x3

@White Sox x3

@Royals x4


Hugh Thorp-Co-Founder and President of 216 Sports