Last night at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Lebron James became the youngest player in the history of the 72 year history of the National Basketball Association to score 30,000 points. Only 7 players have done that in history. At 33 years and 24 days of age, the previous youngest to reach this milestone was Kobe Bryant in 2012 and he was a whole year older. Just take a quick moment to think about that and right there, and get this the following is who is the youngest to reach each thousand note: there is no age next to the name. Here are the youngest players to reach each thousand career point:

1k: Lebron

2k Lebron

3k Lebron

4k Lebron

5k Lebron

6k Lebron

7k Lebron

8k Lebron

9k Lebron

10k Lebron

11k Lebron

12k Lebron

13k Lebron

14k Lebron

15k Lebron

16k Lebron

17k Lebron

18k Lebron

19k Lebron

20k Lebron

21k Lebron

22k Lebron

23k Lebron

24k Lebron

25k Lebron

26k Lebron

27k Lebron

28k Lebron

29k Lebron

30k Lebron


With that, this is true statistic, he is the youngest to reach thousand career points in NBA History, 40,000 is the next countdown, which no one has done in NBA History in which Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Formally Lew Alcinder) with more than 38,000 points in his NBA History.

The Cavs are sure in trouble at the moment and hope to turn things around.

-Hugh Thorp-Co-Founder and President of 216 Sports