So the Cavaliers are back, after 12 in a row now, Lebron James has won 2 player of the month awards, and scoring 34 points and the win against Memphis on Saturday, and had a good game last night he has now found his stuff.  It is also  the longest winning streak since LeBron James came back home to Cleveland in July in 2014. It only took 12 games for the Cavaliers to find their stuff, at game 14, they have just yet to look back, after beating the Bulls on the road, who currently have the worst record in the NBA, will look to defeat the Sacramento Kings to improve the longest winning streak since Lebron James came back to 13, thats taking out the playoffs. Many games are left to play but this stretch hs been a good one and one to look out for the Celtics 2017-18 NBA long 16-game winning streak.