Every year seems there seems to be a problem off the field, last year it was shoulder that limited him to batting 39 times in 11 games, well this year, it has gotten a little better regarding games played but it seems to be another Injury Plagued season for Dr Smooth. Brantley has been out since August 9th with an Ankle Injury and sources say he is unable to run for another 7-10 days, assuming all goes well, Brantley will be back to running next Wednesday and won’t be able to return until the postseason which will start on October 5th. There was really a reason why the Indians acquired Jay Bruce the day he was placed on the DL. Well since then, the Indians have been dominating the League and last season they only had him 11 games, sometimes people might believe that the Indians are better without Michael Brantley. Well that has been the case since he left for the DL, since the DL Stint Brantley has been the Indians are 33-7 which is truly amazing including a 22 game win streak and 25 of 26. The question is, are the Indians better without Michael Brantley? With being out almost all of last year and being out for more than a month and a half this season thats when the Indians have played good baseball, in all 7 years he has played full seasons with the Indians the Indians were winners of 65 in 09, 68 in ’10, 82 in ’11, 68 in ’12, 92 in ’13, 87 in ’14 and 81 in ’15. Well the Indians have won 94 games without in 2016 and 94 this year with still 11 games in the season.

Assuming Brantley does come back for the Postseason, he only played in the 2013 AL Wild Card game when the Indians were defeated by the Rays 3-0 when the Indians hit 10 times, This year, most of the players on the Active Roster have good postseason experience even newly Acquired Jay Bruce because he played for 2 playoff reds teams in 1 wild card mets game a season ago. It almost seems like the Indians don’t even need Michael Brantley at this point with Jay Bruce playing so well and Austin Jackson in Left.


We will see what the Postseason brings for this years Indians team.


-Hugh Thorp-Co-Founder and President of 216 Sports