Tonight, the Indians will go for their 20th straight win tonight vs the tigers, if they do win tonight, It will be the longest Major League Baseball win Streak since the Oakland Athletics broke the AL record with 20 in 2002. Tonight the Indians have a really hot team behind them with their Ace taking the hill in Corey Kluber, Kluber sure looks like he has a chance to win the AL Cy Young award if he keeps up what he is doing.

But to not go to far away from the Tigers, lets talk about their chances to possibly steal this win streak from the Indians, they have been for sure struggling all season long with back problems from future Hall Of Famer Miguel Cabrera and trading away Justin Verlander to the Astros just 2 weeks ago and Michael Fulmer out for the season, the Tigers have very limited options at least for the rest of 2017.


The Indians have led the Major Leagues in Almost every single category during this winning streak. In just the pitching staff they lead the Major Leagues in ERA, Strikeouts, WHIP, and fewest walks issued. And on the offensive side of the field they lead the Major Leagues in Home Runs with 38 which they have hit more Home Runs than they have earned runs during the Win Streak. They have allowed 32 runs o. the winning streak to be exact. And they have been missing huge pieces in their lineup which Includes Brantley and Kipnis, who has tested out Center Field because of the Bradley Zimmer Injury, It just seems like the Indians cannot lose a game right now and right down below are the longest Major League baseball winning streaks since 1930.


21 by the 1935 Chicago Cubs

20 by the 2002 Oakland Athletics

19 by the 2017 Cleveland Indians

19 by the 1947 New York Yankees

18 by the 1953 New York Yankees


Tonight if the Indians do win number 20 in a row, they would be just the third team since 1930 to win 20 straight games. This is History what the Indians are going for tonight! if you are near a TV tonight make sure you tune in. The game will be televised locally on STOH and Nationally on MLB Network, you could also watch the game on fox sports go if you are not near a TV tonight.


Hugh Thorp-Co-Founder and president of 216 Sports