Last night was a night for Ryan Merritt to remember, after making just 2 starts this season, both were in Minnesota Against the Twins on Doubleheaders, Merritt got to pitch his first real game vs the Kansas City Royals which he had a lot to show forth, a man who isn’t really Considered a strikeout pitcher, Struck 3 men out and only issued 1 walk in 6 and 2/3 of work.

To talk a little about the game, the Royals started hitting early, getting 3 hits in the first 3 innings but nothing to show forth in Runs, Gio Usrhela opened up the scoring with an RBI double which at that point in the third inning it was 1-0 Cleveland. And then shortly afterward in the third, Austin Jackson singled to score home Gio. So the Indians really did their part on offense which hasn’t been the greatest offensive team all year, shined big on the pitching on mostly triple-A man Ryan Merritt.

Francisco Lindor, Nicknamed ”Mr. Smile” because of players weekend, which is a weekend that is Celebrated every year in Major League Baseball, Homered in the 6th Inning which completely blew the score opened and form that point there wasn’t that much of contest with the Royals getting a runner in scoring Position in the 9th but from that point there wasn’t much to prove because they had 2 outs as well.

These 2 teams will met later tonight at 7:15 with the Probable Starting pitchers for each teams will be Mike Clevinger for the Indians and Jason Hammel for the Royals


Indians improve to 71-56 with this win.

Royals fall to 64-63 with this loss.


Both teams will look to comeback and win tomorrow.


Hugh Thorp-Co-Founder and president of 216 Sports