For the 13th time in Indians Franchise History they are headed to the Postseason for Sure with 3 out of 5 ALDS games at home. It starts with how average this team was the first 4 and a half months of the season, seeming like they were just winning every other game an there was just not much happening. The Indians were 60-52 almost midway through august after losing 2 in a row to the yankees, 14.5 games out of AL Home Field advantage to the Houston Astros, No one thought that they would be in this spot but it turns out that they are. On August 9th, Michael Brantley went to the DL and then they picked up Jay Bruce, afterward it was just win after win after win the Indians have been so much better than everyone in the last month its like why bother picking the rest of the field, Going 29-2 over their last 31 games. The Dodgers had a stretch like this but it was never 29 out of 31 like the Indians. So these are the Indians highest case Scenarios for the first round look like the following below.

First Round, if the season ended today, they would host either the Twins or Yankees whoever wins that AL Wild Card game and their would be 3 out of 5 games in Cleveland in that best of 5. The games are scheduled to be in Cleveland for Thursday October 5th and Friday October 6th regardless of what happens because the Indians would already have home field. And Games 3 and 4 if necessary would be in New York or Minneapolis, and a potential game 5 would be back in Cleveland I necessary as well. Lets face it, the Indians are not Automatic for the top seed but they are in front by 2 games over the Houston Astros who was the AL’s top seed by 12 games at the time. The only chance the Astros have of possibly catching the Indians over these final 6 games is the Indians would have to lose 3 and the Astros would have to win 3 and here is the reason for this, The Indians hold the Tie Breaker for Home Field Advantage so if they tie for a better record than the Houston Astros. The Cleveland Indians would still have 4 out 7 ALCS games at home if that were to be the Case.


Many fans are hoping this is the Year for Cleveland to end another curse like the cavs did a year and a half ago. Rock and Roll Cleveland

-Hugh Thorp-Co-Founder and President of 216 Sports