Well a sad day has come in Cleveland Indians history, today the commissioner of baseball Robert D Manfred jr and the Indians have agreed to remove long time logo Chief Wahoo, which was a cartoon of a American Indian face that many called “Racist”. At least for the mean time, Chief Wahoo will be on the Indians uniforms until 2019 so they have 1 more year of him until he goes away. but to start with lets go over a little bit about what the purpose of creating the logo.

It was first published on the front page of The Plain Dealer in 1932 created by Fred George Reinert that used a caricatured Native American character with a definite resemblance to the later Chief Wahoo as a stand-in for the Cleveland Indians winning an important victory. This logo had drawn a lot of criticism from American Indians, social scientists, and religious and educational groups.

The logo was first pictured in 1946 with yellow skin and a deep nose, eventually it was switched in 1948, the last time the Indians won a World Series Title, to red skin and to what still remains the same until the end of 2018.

Guessing that since Chief Wahoo is gone, the Indians will just keep the same (C) on there logo.


Hugh Thorp-Co-Founder and President of 216 Sports