As like last night Indians took some leads, and the Royals were able to come back the first 2 times but it wasn’t enough the 3rd time when the Indians went on top and took a lead. The Indians had hits from batters from the 1 to 6 spots in the batting order which was closed by a Edwing from Encarnacion. So lets talk a little bit about what happened in the game.

The Royals sent out 2016 World Series champion, Jason Hammel (8-12) to the mound against Indians Carlos Carrasco (16-6) with neither having their greatest outing. Both had runs of support to work with. Each team getting runners on base in the first inning but grounding into Double Plays to end Innings, thats the most painful way to end an inning in baseball Especially when the opportunity is right there and the opportunity is failed to be accomplished. The second inning opened the scoring for the game with a double by Newly Acquired Jay Bruce and the score was by an Abraham Almonte sac fly.

The Royals came out in the third inning with only the 7th home run of the Year by their left fielder, Alex Gordon who is a .208 hitter at the plate this season which is by far a career worse year for him. And even after then there was a little bit of Kansas City damage but not enough to get anyone else home to score so it was tied at 1, same scenario as last night at how the game was tied at 1 last night as well.  The Indians never los lost a lead after taking a 3-1 lead in the bottom of the third with a couple of big at bats by the Indians. But the Royals sure did not quite go away in the 4th Inning scoring a run to make it a 3-2 game in the 4th and after that only 2 runs were scored for the Royals and it was when they were down 8-2 at that point of the game. Not much was to show forth in the 5th inning with every team having 1, 2, 3 Innings so it was quick 5th inning and a fast game overall.

The 6th Inning was when the game got to be a little bit longer and both teams were getting runners on base. The Royals got 2 on in the 6th but there was nothing to show forth afterward, just getting out to end innings. The Indians turned it on in the 6th inning and that was about the last scoring of the game for either side with Fransico Lindor had a single who had a big 3-4 day at the plate which gave the Indians a 7-2 lead and at that point the game was basically out of hand to the Indians favor which the Royals scored 2 runs for the rest of the game which did cut it to a 3 run game but it just was not enough for the Royals and Edwin Encarnacion sealed the deal or the Indians making it a 8-4 and that was the final of the game

The Indians will go for the AL Central tomorrow title tomorrow unless the twins lose tonight against the Blue Jays which they are down 3-1 in the top half of the 7th inning in Minneapolis.

We will see if the Indians can clinch in front of the home crowd tomorrow.

-Hugh Thorp-Co-Founder and President of 216 Sports