me and hugh

Who Are We?

Hugh Thorp and Kenneth Jordan are the founders of 216 Sports, Hugh is 14 and Kenneth is 13. They live in Mentor, Ohio which is about 25 miles East of Cleveland. Hugh is in 9th Grade at Mentor High School. Kenneth is in 8th grade at Memorial Middle School. Kenny was taken in as a foster child by the family of Hugh Thorp about a year ago. Since an early age Hugh has always had a passion for sports. Hugh has taught Kenny a lot since they have known each other. Kenny and Hugh started this website not only to help others be recognized but so they could be recognized too. Their message to you is, "you can be whatever you want or do whatever you want to do when you set your mind to it & never give up".

Our Start

Every business has a beginning, and this is ours. We want to make a place where people can come and learn a few things about sports and be recognized for it. With a little help from our parent, we did it! You have to really set your mind to things when you want something done. We continued to work hard and we succeeded at building our sports website. You can do it too, you just have to be willing to work.

Kenneth & Hugh

Kenneth and Hugh are very close. They love to share all the sports knowledge and facts with each other wherever they are. Hugh and Kenneth also like being active, they run and they do other activities like attending summer camps, water skiing and more.  Here are a few pictures of Kenneth and Hugh


Kenneth & Hugh at summer camp with one of their favorite counselors.


Kenneth and Hugh in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for some weekend fun.


Kenneth and Hugh at a 5k road race that they ran for a school activity.

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